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Why Reliance

Established Financial Strength
For more than a decade, Reliance has been a leading provider of medical financing solutions. We offer attractive rates with flexible and affordable terms to a wide range of applicants seeking elective and cosmetic surgery. By maintaining a well-balanced portfolio, we ensure our longevity, financial strength, and our ability to maximize the number of your patients we approve for financing.

Partnership for Success
A survey conducted by the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons found that the leading deterrent for patients who desire cosmetic surgery is cost. We can help you reach and serve patients that may not otherwise be able to afford their desired procedure. With one of the highest approval rates in the industry, as well as the industry’s top customer and client support system, Reliance is your choice for a long-term financing partner.

As a direct lender, Reliance makes cosmetic and elective surgery affordable for all of your patients—this enables you to focus on your practice while we help to build your business. We make instant decisions and can facilitate a loan in less than 24 hours. In addition, all loans are non-recourse and your practice is not responsible for the performance of the loans made to your patients.

You can rely on us for:
Easy-to-use financing options to expand your pool of patients
Immediate approvals, advance payment, and competitive rates
A long-term commitment to marketing support and the growth of your practice
Unrivaled customer service and support for both you and your patients
Working with Reliance is fast and easy. Simply
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