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1. Loan Amount: Type in your loan amount or use the scroll bar to find the right amount.

2. Loan Term: Scroll for the length of the loan—you have five options:

a. 12 months / 1 year
b. 24 months / 2 years
c. 36 months / 3 years
d. 48 months / 4 years
e. 60 months / 5 years

3. APR: Match your interest rate with the loan term you chose—to get the right result, the months must match up with the selected loan term above. For example, if you select a loan term of 24 months, your APR MUST be 24 months at 12.9%.

4. Get your approximate monthly payment.

The calculator approximates monthly payments; all annual percentage rates (APR) are in annual terms. Please note that interest rates vary with risk and term and can be as low as 6.9%. Specific monthly payments will vary slightly given interest rates and terms. The example rates are intended to provide approximate monthly payment ranges.

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