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Reliance Medical Finance is an established national lending institution that works with thousands of medical professionals and their patients who need financing. At Reliance, we understand that the needs of each patient are unique and we will work directly with you to provide the financing you need—regardless of your status with other institutions. Our sole goal is to provide you with the means to have the cosmetic or elective surgery that you desire.

We are in the business of financing your dreams. Since elective surgeries are not covered by insurance companies, Reliance is here to help. We offer a simple application and approval process, affordable rates and terms, and compassionate customer service. With one simple credit application, you will be on your way towards fulfilling your dreams.

Reliance has been a leading provider of medical finance solutions for more than a decade. We built the company customer by customer and have successfully grown by creating lasting and rewarding relationships with each of these customers, as well as their doctors. We understand your needs and work quickly and efficiently to deliver the results you seek.

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